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When planning for the future, it is important to consider what you want to happen if you cannot speak for yourself due to an accident or severe illness. While this can be extremely difficult and emotional, it is essential that clients create documents that provide for them in the event that medical treatment and care decisions must be made. You have options for the type of documents and designations that may be established to convey your wishes for the type of medical care that is provided to you.

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In California, there is no longer a document called a living will. It is now called an Advance Health Care Directive. Previously, a living will would allow you to describe your wishes for medical care if you were unconscious or in a coma. An Advance Health Care Directive (AHCD) now allows you to not only describe medical care you want in any situation, conscious or unconscious. It also allows you to appoint an agent who has power of attorney to make care and treatment decisions on your behalf, and give instructions about your health care wishes.


By appointing a person as having power of attorney for health care, you are giving that trusted friend or loved one (called an agent) authority to consent, to refuse to consent, or to withdraw consent to any care, treatment, service, or procedure to maintain, diagnose, or treat a physical or mental condition. This power is subject to any statement of your wishes and any limitations that you include in the power of attorney document. You may describe in this document any types of treatment that you do not desire. In addition, a court can remove the power of your agent to make health care decisions for you if your agent authorizes anything that is illegal, acts contrary to your known desires, or where your desires are unknown, does anything that is clearly contrary to your best interests.

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